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This website offers a variety of lascivious, libidinous, naughty, prurient, ribald, salacious, sexy, titillating, erotica-related features with a focus on content that promotes healthy, conscious, self-aware, sex-positive, sexual inquiry, exploration, and experimentation.

Offerings: Here is what is available at Metarotica.

  • Stories: At the center of Metarotica is an environment for collaboratively writing erotic stories with others who share your erotic interests, contributing to pre-existing erotic stories, and reading the erotic contributions of other Metarotica members.

  • Conversation Annotations: [coming soon] Metarotica can provide a readable, searchable, annotable view of chat logs that you grant access to. Since brainstorming about a story often happens via hangouts and IMs, it is useful to be able to tie these chat logs into the Stories to help guide the creation of the story.

  • Image Annotations: [coming soon] Metarotica maintains a collection of user-submitted image urls and associated annotations. The annotations are per-user descriptions and ratings of the images. These images can be embedded within Stories.

  • Video Annotations: [coming soon] Metarotica maintains a collection of user-submitted video urls and associated annotations. The annotations are per-user descriptions of what is happening at given times in the video, ratings of the video, and commentary. These videos (including optional start time) can be embedded within Stories.

  • Sexmap: [coming soon] An interactive version of Franklin Veaux's A Map of the Lands of Human Sexuality.

  • Questionnaires/Tests/Quizes: [coming soon] Metarotica maintains a large collection of questionnaires/tests/quizes that you can take once or often (Metarotica allows you to compare answers across time and across users). Many of the questionnaires are sexually focused (including the Metarotica Purity Test), but many of them are not sexual (e.g. Big5 Personality Test, MyersBriggs Type Indicator, etc. etc.).

Identity: This website needs a means of identifying you.

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  • Pseudonymity: Even if you are already a Google user, do NOT use your primary email for this site. Instead, create and use a Google account that is not publicly associated with your "real" identity. This goes a long way to keeping you safe from unwanted attention, and gives you the freedom to explore topics and fantasies you don't want everyone knowing about. See the discussion on pseudonymity for more details.

  • Account Creation: You can create a new Google account here, and more details can be found here.

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  • Why Google?: In case you are wondering why you must use a Google account to access this site, there are a variety of reasons. However, if you are already a Google user, these reasons are probably unnecessary, and if you dislike Google, these arguments are unlikely to sway your opinion. Alas, the fact remains that in order to use this site, you'll need a free (and preferably anonymous) Google account.

To proceed, please Login to Metarotica with an (anonymous) Google account (it is strongly preferred that you use an anonymous account, for the reasons discussed here). If you do not already have such an account, you can create one here.